ASSASSIN : The Battle for Astodia


ASSASSIN : The Battle for Astodia


Maryam Durrani

“The book will ship in 2 business days”



There lives an assassin in a far away kingdom called Astodia. She works under the strong reign of King Sadim, taking down an organization called the Rebel Army leader by leader, cutting down their roots to make sure her kingdom stays safe. But what happens when the one closest to her is poisoned by one of the rebels—a spy that lives in the castle right under her nose? Will she be able to sacrifice the ones she loves most, or will she make a decision in time that could save one life but destroy many more? Will Adalia the Assassin be able to stay true to her title, or will she be defeated by only thing that can take her down forever: her own heart? ……

“The book will ship in 2 business days”


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