Pisa, Italy

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was one of my favorite places to visit in Italy. The coolest part was that, since the structure had a noticeable tilt to it, while climbing up it felt like the tower was about to fall to over to one side!


Pisa, Italy

The little houses looked adorable from the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa! It felt like I was looking at something from Beauty and the Beast.


Pisa, Italy

Walking up almost 300 steps was tiring, but the view from above was totally worth it. From here I could see the Piazza dei Miracoli, and the Duomo di Pisa.


Rome, Italy

Rome itself was my favorite city in Italy. It was so rich with history, the Colosseum being one of the most interesting places for me. Learning about the whole system and stories that took place in the arena, like gladiatorial conquests and makeshift sea battles, were so gruesome yet fascinating.


Palatine Hill, Rome, Italy

The sights here were absolutely gorgeous. We got to see the sunset and explore the ruins of structures and old houses outside the Colosseum.


Pompeii, Italy

This is the figure of a young 7-8 year old child trying to shelter himself from the explosion of Mount Vesuvius. He or she was suffocated by the ash and covered in it, which left his skeleton preserved.


Naples, Italy

In Naples, the birthplace of pizza, I got to try the pizza Margherita named after the queen of Naples at the time. It’s a very classic pizza, representing the colors of the Italian flag with the white cheese, fresh red tomato sauce, and green basil leaves on top! It was absolutely delicious.


Vatican City

Although the heat was at its peak here, we were able to see where the Pope lived! It was so cool to know I was standing so close where he was probably chilling! If you zoom into the picture, the second window from the top right with the white bar across the glass is where his room is.


Vatican City

This is the Sistine Chapel in Saint Peter’s Basilica, which I thought was absolutely amazing to look at. The picture doesn’t capture it’s beauty. It was really hard to take a photo since it was so crowded, but as we exited, I was able to snap a quick pic. The story behind how it was painted was also so interesting! Did you know that Michelangelo’s eyesight weakened majorly while painting in the dark and looking up at the ceiling for so many hours a day?


Florence, Italy

Look at this view! From here you can see the cathedral and a noticeable dome, called the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore.


Florence, Italy

St. Mary Basilica up close is even prettier than it looks far away. I love the geometric designs on the front, and the pretty reddish color mixed alongside green.


Florence, Italy

This is the Arno River in Florence! It’s the second most important river in Italy, after the Tiber.


Venice, Italy

This is the beautiful St. Mark’s Basilica in St. Mark’s Square, constantly surrounded by hundreds of pigeons all the time!


Venice, Italy

A gorgeous shot of the detail on St. Mark’s Basilica. My favorite part is the bird flying past it. It gives the cathedral a mysterious touch.


Venice, Italy

The gondola ride was probably my most favorite experience in Venice. It was so soothing, and the people who would row the boats always whistled tunes that echoed off the water and the walls. The gentle rocking of the boat nearly made me fall asleep! But, I kept myself awake so I wouldn’t miss the alluring tour of the city on water.


Burano, Italy

This island in Italy is known for its colorful houses! Burano was a perfect place to take pictures and enjoy cold gelato, which I could never get enough of.


Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower speaks for itself! The wait to get to the top was long, but once we got there, it was so worth it. The tower was so tall that at the top, you could almost feel it swaying with the wind. And of course, the gorgeous view of the Seine River is something no one should miss!


Paris, France

Here’s a picture of my siblings and I in front of Notre Dame! I was obsessed with the gothic architecture of this medieval Catholic cathedral.


Paris, France

found the stained glass inside of the Notre Dame cathedral so eye-catching. The way the light reflected on it and made each piece of glass pop was so pretty. I made sure to take a picture of every stained glass window I saw!


Versailles, France

This palace was spectacular. From it’s golden architecture to the colorful rooms inside, every step closer left me in awe. I also learned so much about its history, and the gloomy fate of Marie-Antoinette.


Versailles, France

The ceilings in this palace were something that were not to be missed. Each ceiling had its own intricately designed painting, and each represented something different. So much time must’ve been spent on these. By the end of the day, my neck hurt from looking up!


Versailles, France

I love this shot of the gallery of paintings. This room was majestic.


Versailles, France

The gardens of Versailles were breathtaking. It’s composed of 200,000 trees, 210,000 colorful flowers planted every year, 50 fountains, and 620 water jets. The statues were fun to pose in front of! They also have fun events going on all the time, and I could almost imagine Marie-Antoinette throwing one of her grand parties right in the center of the gardens!


Louvre, France

I posed with many different statues in the Louvre, but my favorite statue was this one, of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war.


Istanbul, Turkey

The Sultanahmet mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, is a place of worship in Istanbul, close to the Hagia Sofia. Its detailed, symmetrical architecture and a gorgeous, intricately designed interior bathed in blue forced me to fall in love with it! I had the honor of praying on its lush red carpet, and to listen to the beautiful adthan.


Cappadocia, Turkey

Being on a hot air balloon and looking down at the spectacular landscape of Cappadocia was an experience I will never forget. Here, we got to watch the sunrise while sailing through the summer skies, hundreds and hundreds of hot air balloons all up at once. This photo doesn’t even capture the beauty of the experience. I would recommend for everyone to go here at least once in their lifetime.


Galata Tower, Istanbul, Turkey 

This medieval tower in Turkey was beautiful during both the morning and nighttime. With its color changing lights and the upbeat music playing outside, it offered panoramic views of Istanbul and the Bosphorus. At the top was a restaurant that served delicious food, where we got to watch the gorgeous sunset.


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